Quiet Amidst the Chaos

Part One: Basic Introductions

Hi, My name is Eliana Hebrew. 

I am married to a Prophet, Elimelech Shmi Hebrew and have given birth to three of his children.

I have been a Hebrew Israelite walking in the faith since 2004 which is the year I learned and accepted the truth of who I am and started my journey of understanding to learn who my people are, the children of Israel,  at Texas Southern University (TSU). 

How did I get here…? PRAYER. 

When I met Hebrew I was just coming out of the world and had been attending church services on Wednesdays and Sundays faithfully. I was introduced to Hebrew by Sedrick during my first semester at TSU. Hebrew always says there are points in your life that brought you to the Elohim and THIS moment is one of them. You see I was 24 years old and in college for the first time. I was attending college alone and just trying to do a good job. I was enjoying the college experience I would just walk about the campus taking pictures and taking in all the student activities like pep rallies on the tiger walk, going to the football games and just being a student in general. I have always enjoyed school and socializing so I was right at home.

I had just prayed to see the face and know the name of God and to be the wife of a pastor to help lead his congregation to God. 

So why am I writing this now… I have been called and no matter the outcome it is my duty to speak. I have been silent for too long and it’s time I speak up.

As always if you’re speaking about your journey you must go back to the beginning. Since I am not sure how you and I met, I am going to go way back so this might take some time. I ask for your patience and grace as I get through this because I have been silent but I have a lot to say, so stay tuned as I take you all through my journey called life as I walk with a prophet…

Eliana Hebrew

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